Why Slay?

Slay ~ To dominate something!

Being an entrepreneur can be very challenging. Believe me, we all have been there. No matter what stage of business you are in there are obstacles. You have your great idea to launch a product or service, you have your business plan, and you may already have customers. However, have you truly created a business that will attract your target market? Does anyone, besides your family and friends, even know your business exists?

Slay My Biz is designed to help the chic, savvy, & trendy womanpreneur find her niche in the industry in order to create a brand that consumers will recognize, while maintaining professionalism and staying true to your personal style. The goal is to assist you in automating your business, while optimizing on your success. Branding is only one of the steps in building a business. Slay My Biz also focuses on the logistics of business basics, marketing, networking, public relations, social media, your business style. and the many other aspects that will connect your business to your brand. The Entrepreneurial Business Builder!


You are an entrepreneur who has one big dream: to turn your business into a thriving company. Be sure to take a look around the website and let's get started working on slaying your plan.